Our Story

Why Buffet to Go?


After working for 20 years in the food industry including eight years in one of the biggest buffet restaurant chains in the GTA I realized that Canadians like the buffet style of restaurants for their wide variety of choices but are only able to enjoy a buffet meal occasionally due to it's high cost or busy family life.

This is the reason why in 2009 I began my restaurant The Bean Sprout offering Buffet to Go. From experience, it became very clear that certain dishes were more popular and as a result we have included 13 of the best dishes in our mini buffet. We also feature one special rotating Chef inspired dish.


We are bringing the buffet experience to all our customers at not only an affordable price but also fast, convenient and always fresh & hot for you to enjoy. Customers are able to select the size of their container and choose from a combination of rice and or two types of noodles with up to 11 additional choices.


By concentrating in our 14 buffet items, you can be assured that we have perfected each and every one of our recipes and you will immediately notice how superior our taste and flavour is compared to any other chinese restaurant. We take great pride in our creations and hope you will enjoy them as well.

No more struggling trying to order multiple dishes that will please everyone whenever you have a get togethers, just drop by and each person can have their own personalized container with their preferred choices from our 14 item buffet. By allowing our customers to fill their own containers you are in control and can therefore manage your portion size.

Be it for lunch, dinner or even a family gathering you can come in and buy your container in less than 2 minutes, leaving more time for you to spend with family and loved ones or taking minimal time away from your busy schedule.


The Bean Sprout team